Hey everyone. My name is Trent Richardson. I am a web developer from the U.S. I see web development not as a job, but a hobby.

I’m from South Carolina about 20 minutes outside Myrtle Beach. My interests include most all sports and web programming. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. My resume includes work ranging from fortune 500 companies all the way to mom and pop websites. I have one written publication: Middleware Development with AJAX (written along with John Stamey).

As far as programming I have an open mind. Professionally I generally develop with PHP/CakePHP and ColdFusion, however I also have a little experience with Python/Django and Ruby/Rails. I also consider javascript as a strength. Unlike the new NOSQL hipsters I love SQL, and I have experience with Postgres, Mysql, MS Sql Server, DB2, and Sqlite.

While I don’t choose to develop with Ruby on Rails and Django, I do believe these communities are pushing web development forward, and I love following them. Their developers include of some of the most talented and innovative minds.

I like to meet new people so feel free to send me a message anytime by leaving a message here on my site or emailing me.