jQuery Timepicker Addon

Extend jQueryUI Datepicker with a Timepicker.

jQuery Impromptu

Most awsome form based modal ever.

jQuery/Zepto Intimidatetime

Wicked awesome date time picker for Zepto and jQuery.

jQuery/Zepto Rebox

jQuery/Zepto based responsive, light weight, lightbox plugin

jQuery/Zepto Powertable

Beef up tables with drag n drop and column ordering.

jQuery/Zepto Waiting

Powerful progress bar and spinner for jQuery and Zepto.

jQuery/Zepto Litelighter

Super light weight jQuery and Zepto powered syntax highlighting plugin

jQuery SliderAccess Plugin

Make jQueryUI Sliders touch accessible


A jQuery powered ajax upload and crop wigit

Sublime Text Clientside Plugin

Sublime Text plugin to format, minify, and lint CSS and Javascript

jQuery iFramer

iFrame shim to enable submitting forms with files in an ajaxy way

Gedit Clientside Plugin

Gedit plugin to minify, format, and lint CSS and Javascript

Wysiwyg Spell Check

A jQuery spell check wigit you can easily add to any wysiwyg


Use an SQL like syntax to query JSON objects

Email Dissector

Debug, Dissect, and Inspect Emails with a local smtp server

CSS Bubble Tooltips

Use only CSS to build tooltips