28 Ways to Reuse a Plastic Drink Bottle

Well from time to time I like to mix it up here on the blog. Today I would like to discuss an eco friendly topic since we all want to go green these days. Everyone from time to time have plastic drink bottles lying around. Instead of throwing them away there are plenty of everyday uses for them. I've rounded up 28 of my favorite uses:

  1. Soup Container - We all have left over soup but never have a way to reseal it and carry it with us in a spill proof container.(For chunky soups consider a "wide mouth" bottle)
  2. Change Jar - This isn't exactly original, but you can always throw your spare change into a bottle.
  3. Bottle for TelephoneTelephone - Yes, when the wife is in the kitchen this is the perfect way to request a another drink
  4. Nail Jar - Clean up the shop by storing all your nails and screws into these tough containers
  5. Bottle for a fish bowlFish Bowl - Times are tough, don't go buy a new fish bowl when there are plenty of bottles that will work equally as well(not to mention different color fish tanks)
  6. Bottle for a fishing corkFishing Cork/Bobber - After you're done with the bottle as a fish bowl, take it fishing with you and tie it to your fishing line as a cork(but don't litter and leave it in the water when you're done!)
  7. Bottle for a floating key ringFloating Key Ring - Everyone has butter fingers now and then, never lose your keys again in the river. tie a bottle to your key ring!
  8. Foot Massager - Place a bottle under your foot and roll it back and forth.
  9. Running Weights - Fill a bottle with sand and carry it with you while running to build your muscles
  10. Toilet - Keep an empty bottle in your car for those long road trips to cut back on frequent stops
  11. Ammunition - When camping fill your bottle about half full with dirt, then you can use it to hunt down your meal.
  12. Bottle for a boat anchorBoat Anchor - Fill a bottle with cement or sand, and keep it in your boat for an anchor
  13. Bottle for a VaseVase - Partially fill a bottle with water and place a flower in it for a nice decorative piece.
  14. Bottle for a fly swatterFly Swatter/Bat - Grab an empty bottle next time you need to get rid of a pesky rodent or fly.
  15. Bottle for Ear MuffsEar Muffs - Next time you don't want to get rid of the pesky flys but the sound is bothering you, cut a bottle in half and tie one over each ear.
  16. Bottle for a Fly CatcherFly Catcher - Great for "catch and release" fly catching. Also poke a small hole in the lid to keep them a live for a short period of time. While camping, fly caught maybe useful for #6.
  17. Spit Cup - Keep a bottle handy if you're a dipper/chewer and need a place to spit. Please, stop spitting tobacco juice on the sidewalk
  18. Ash Tray - Keep a little water in the bottom of a bottle to extinguish cigarettes.
  19. Shovel - When you're camping and need to dig a hole(possibly for use #10) keep a bottle handy
  20. Bottle for a dog muzzleDog Muzzle - When you're dog just won't shut up, it is possible to cut a bottle in half(use the end with the hole in the end so they can breath) and tie it over his mouth. Highly NOT recommended as this could result in injury or death to you or your dog.(see use #21 and use #19)
  21. Bottle for an UrnUrn - If by some chance you need a place to keep ashes possibly from #20, this is an affordable alternative.
  22. Pillow - If you're ever out camping and forget your pillow a 2 liter bottle is the perfect size for a place to lay your head.
  23. Fart Stink Bomb - Long road trips are often more fun when you can carry along a suprise. Consider one of these while packing.
  24. Message in a bottleMessage In a Bottle - Save your bottle from the Stink Bomb (#23) incase your friends leave you on a deserted island.
  25. Candy Dispenser - Once you've opened a bag of small candies pour them in a bottle so you can close them back up.
  26. Salt Shaker - Take a small bottle with salt or peper in it camping so you can give your food a little flavor
  27. Tamborine/Shaker - These are also easy to make with a few rocks. Great for sing alongs on long road trips.
  28. Drink Mixer - Quite useful if you carried #27 with you on a long road trip

In no way, shape, or form do I recommend all of these techniques or uses as they could be harmful to you, the ones around you, or the environment. But when in a pinch they can definitely help out. So keep in mind these reusable ideas the next time you have an empty bottle! Anyone with any more useful reusable ideas?