aedCFC Overhaul!


For those of you not aware of what aedCFC is, it is a collection of cfc's which dynamically build end user ready add/edit/delete, ideal for administration areas to websites. You're asking yourself, "Well a bunch of frameworks build crud for me, why should I bother with this?". The answer is simple, crud applications are for the developer, aedCFC is for the client. Also this isn't a content management system, but a tool to very quickly build a very customized cms, specific to your needs, not some blogger's needs

It's been quite some time since the last aedCFC update, and quite frankly it is in desparate need of a major overhaul. Well thats exactly what its getting! With more of a MVC approach it will become more versatile and extendable. The new version will improve 10 fold, as now you will be able to easily add custom views, use specific image manipulation libraries(image.cfc, imagemagick, and cf8's cfimage will be available by default), and several new options. All this is still possible by means of a simple xml model to build the aed. Stay tuned for the upcoming release!