Any Requests for Impromptu 1.1?

It almost time. I will be releasing the next version of jQuery Impromptu soon! (Probably Sunday or Monday) Among the next additions will be the following:

  • "Smart" iframe to cover elements that bleed through the fade(ie6, flash, applets)
  • "loadComplete" as a function to execute when the prompt has finished loading(after entrance effects)
  • A few CSS fixes for a few bugs. This will go into the documentation for the CSS templates
  • Possibly using a form within the prompt to make it more "proper" and submitting easier
  • An option to focus a button by default

Thanks to everyone who has helped out so far on making Impromptu so great! Please don't hesitate to suggest something. Keep in mind though, I want to do my best not to require any extra plugins and to keep everything as backwards compatible as possible so everyone has little trouble upgrading. I look forward to hearing ideas!