ASP.NET Impromptu Helper Class

For everyone who uses .Net there is good news! Aaron Goldenthal has put together a nice Impromptu helper class for ASP.NET. His class implements most of the options of Impromptu while giving it that ASP.NET feel.

ImpromptuPrompt prompt = new ImpromptuPrompt();
prompt.Message = "This is a test prompt";
prompt.Options.Submit = "function(v,m,f) { alert('You selected: ' + v);}";
prompt.Options.Buttons.Add("Foo", "Bar");
prompt.Options.Focus = 2;
prompt.Options.Show = "fadeIn";

That looks pretty straight forward if you have used Impromptu or ASP.NET in the past, so the learning curve should be pretty small. A big thanks to Aaron. Go check it out!