Next Version of Impromptu Suggestions

Lately it seems like Impromptu has been growing at a pretty rapid pace, and much of the reason behind it are community contributions and the fact that I'm using it nearly every day. I realize there are pro's and con's to moving at a fast pace, which is why I've …

Welcome jQuery Impromptu 2.6

Without further delay I am pleased to present to you jQuery Impromptu 2.6. I've implemented a few features requested by users, and they were all much needed. The new features include: Fix iframe to work better with secure sites Constrain tabs to within prompt. No more tabing onto the …

jQuery Impromptu 2.6 Todos

I've been twiddling with the next version of Impromptu and just wanted to get some feedback on my todo list and see if there are any other good suggestions for the upcoming version. Here's where I stand so far: Add