Code Editor Fantasies

I was thumbing through Digg today when I come across an article showing "12 Excellent Free Text Editors". I've tried a few of these, infact I do like a few of them for what they are, but after recently using Coda and Textmate I have to admit these two really set the standard for doing web based work. The simplicity of using each one, yet the necessity features. By necessity I am referring to syntax highlighting, file browser, code suggest, and maybe snipplets and searching through files are useful too.

That being said I have to say the editor under the Linux developer's nose might not be far off pace. gEdit has a few plugins that make it very good. The file browser plugin is supurb and easy to switch themes for syntax highlighting is very nice. However its key feature missing is code completion/suggest. With the vast amount of javascript, php, CF functions its nearly impossible to remember each one, or the fact of not typing those_long_function_names.

Then there is Geany. Similar to gEdit, it has a file browser plugin, but more importantly has code suggest. But of course I have one small issue. The file browser only browses one directory at a time, no tree structure. I know that sounds picky, but when you're looking at your directory structure or files in use it is very helpful to see what files are where

So my fantasies are that gEdit have code suggest(not from the current document, but from the language API reference) and/or Geany have a tree structured file browser. These plugins may already exist, but I haven't found them. If anyone has any suggestions on other editors to give a try on linux I would love to hear about them!