Database Trees with ColdFusion

I've been working for a while on the aedCFC with the optional tree view. This uses an old database technique described on .. however the tree.cfc I created was very basic as in only adding, deleting, and printing nodes which sortof holds back the possibility to making this a real fun, dynamic cfc with drag and drop for tree nodes(soon to come to the aedCFC). Finally I have added more to this tree functionality by successfully creating a function to move nodes(including child nodes) in the tree.cfc. I dont have any documentation just yet,.. but you can see its pretty straight forward to use. In the download there is an index.cfm which is a small form controller for the treecfc. All of the sql is basic so it is pretty likely it will work on most db's(tested on mysql and mssql). DB table fields are specified in the comments. Maybe I will get some time to whip up some docs on this little tool. Download Source