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Nearly every application deals with time, whether you're scheduling appointments or setting a blog post date. Learn how to handle time appropriately worldwide.

Want to learn the easy way to do time ranges?

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Handling Time


Learn how to overcome timezone hurdles with a worldwide application.


Achieve data integrity by properly storing your dates and times.


Overcome language barriers by displaying the proper time labeling and formating.


Handle time ranges with ease when developing your next appointment scheduler.


Guide users to input appropriate times by learning how to restrain time options elequently.


Learn how to harness the power of jQueryUI to improve your time handling skillz!

About the Author

Trent Richardson is the author of the jQuery UI Timepicker Addon, the Clientside plugin for Sublime Text, and founder of Car Bounce. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and has been programming for over a decade.

In his spare time away from the computer he enjoys spending time with his wife, playing basketball, baseball, and running.

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Trent Richardson