Filter Select Boxes by Typing

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Filter this item by typing State name, capital, or nick name. All 3 are visible in the dropdown text.


Filter this dropdown by state name, capital or nickname. However this select has values of "StateName, Capital" and only the nickname is visible. This demonstrates searching the value and text.


Filter this select by typing any part of the state bird name or the state name.


Use a custom filter to find items. This time the searchable options have data-state="" and data-capital="" populated so you can type the name of the state, capital, or abbreviation and filter.

	filter: function(query, re, previous_results, all_options){
		$t = $(this); //the option
		if( re.test($'state')) || re.test($'capital')) || 
				re.test($t.attr('value')) || re.test($t.text()) )
			return true;