Fetch Ideas - Another Web Dev's Resource

Fetch Ideas - A Web Dev's Resource

As if there aren't enough web galleries out there I'm adding one more, FetchIdeas.com. This is a site which I have created over the past couple months, with a different approach than other galleries. My aim is to create better organization, publish only useful resources, and most of all provide a great place to Fetch Ideas!

I've categorized everything in design, graphics and fonts, clientside (css, javascript, etc..), and serverside (php, python, mysql, etc..). The categorization alone seems a bit different than most sites. The site is now stable but I have many plans for it in the coming months, so don't be shy if you notice something wrong, want to suggest something, or anything else. Do you have any resources to suggest?

Also don't for get, you can follow FetchIdeas.com on Twitter!