Filter Select Dropdowns as You Type

I've been working on a discreet little jQuery plugin to filter options or intelligently select your options as you type. Currently selects seem to only do this by your first key stroke, after that who knows. The plugin will search the value and text of all enabled options in the dropdown, and also allow you to write custom filter functions incase you need to get a little more detailed.


A more complex example would be to search any data attributes associated with your options (this is from the demo)

    filter: function(query, re, previous_results, all_options){
        $t = $(this); //the option
        if( re.test($'state')) || re.test($'capital')) || 
                re.test($t.attr('value')) || re.test($t.text()) )
            return true;

You can see this is pretty straight forward. I will be setting up a GitHub repo soon, but until then you can find it all on the demo page:

View the Demo