Finally, an aedPHP!

It's been a long time in the making but aedPHP is finally here. aedPHP is the little brother of aedCFC, which in a few months has gone from nonexistant to nearly 800 downloads. Knowing that plus the fact that half of my development is in php I knew it was time for aedPHP. aedPHP is a small class that creates a clean add/edit/delete interface for intranets(no, not a cms, this makes individual files). You could call it a "crud" but it seems to be a little more worthy than that. Its great for adding on to existing intranets or creating your own custom cms in minutes. After doing one or two it will take you longer to create your table in the database than having an interface for it. Templates and tinymce make the interface extremely easy to customize and add elegance. Documentation isn't out just yet but it should be extremely similar to that of aedCFC! Its database capabilities are limited to mysql since thats the only environment I have to work with, BUT the class is set up where all you need is to create your own database class(I already have the template needed, just fill in the db specific code). At that point aedPHP can do everything from reordering database entries to hierarchial database tables!