Gedit Clientside Now with CSSLint

It only feels right to include a lint method for CSS since javascript has had support in the Gedit Clientside Plugin from the beginning. The latest commit over on Github now includes CSSLint through the nodejs hookup. Don't worry, if you had it working before all you need to do is update your plugin.

Gedit Clientside Plugin with CSSLint

The new CSSLint functionality works the same as JS Lint, through Tools->Clientside->CSS, or through the shortcut Alt+Shift+U. If there are any errors you will see them in the bottom panel under a tab called Clientside Issues.

Now the next step is to get Clientside plugin working with Gedit 3. I know this will take a bit of reworking, but honestly I'm still using classic gnome, not Unity or Gnome3. While I would like to have a version for both, its not priority at the moment. I plan to start using either Unity or Gnome 3 with Ubuntu's next release. I felt it was too soon for this round, and didn't have time for a cut in productivity trying to get things straightened out.