Gedit Clientside Plugin gets Batch Minify Option

Since all the functionality was already in place it felt only right to add a batch option to the Gedit Clientside Plugin. This new "batch" option allows you to choose several javascript or css files to minify, and place into one file. Its pretty straight forward. From the Tools menu under Clientside there are two new items: Batch Minify JS and Batch Minify CSS. Choosing either of these will open the following window and a file picker.

Choose one or several files, even from multiple directories. Once all the files are shown in the grid you can drag and drop them to reorder. (for example you probably want jQuery to be before any jQuery plugins). Finally you will click Ok. Depending on your clientside settings it with either replace the current open file, copy it to the clipboard, or prompt and ask what to do.

So if you don't already use Gedit or the Clientside plugin I suggest giving it a shot. It can be configured to be very similar to textmate, or make it your own animal! Enjoy!

Gedit Clientside Plugin for Javascript and CSS