Gedit Clientside Plugin

For all of the gedit nuts out there (like myself) who develop css and javascript, I have created a gedit plugin just for you. The Gedit Clientside Plugin. This plugin can minify and beautify javascript and css. Also for javascript you jsLint is included. Finally for good measure, I threw in a gzip method as well.

Before I go any further, let me get you to the github page where you'll find plenty of documentation and more importantly the download:

Gedit Clientside Plugin

This plugin mostly uses other open source tools, such as:

And to run these excellent tools there are two prerequisites (you probably already have one):

  • PHP to run CSSTidy
  • NodeJS to run JSLint and JS-Beautifier

As I mentioned there is documentation on the Github page, so for usage and further configuration check there. Hope you enjoy!