Gedit Clientside and Sublime Text Clientside Plugins Need a New Home

Two of my projects Gedit Clientside Plugin and Sublime Text (2) Clientside Plugin need a new home. Work has picked up drastically and I have not had a chance to update either to the latest editors. So, seeing how users of these plugins have requested this I would like to these projects to a good home who are able to update them.

Both plugins do relatively the same thing, minify/format/lint the current open js or css file. These are small single file plugins (plus other vendor libraries, which are simply included into the project). Anyone who could spend about an hour with the documentation of either editor could easily update the plugin to working status. Sublime Text's package manager did have the Clientside plugin included, although that was for ST2.

Either open an issue on the github pages or reply here if you're interested.