Gedit Minifier Plugin

I often find myself having to do a lot of jumping around to develop. I write the code, test, then minify, then copy files, etc.. I also have a strange interest in gedit, so I decided I'd create a quick little plugin to minify files for me. The plugin is dirt simple. While your file (javascript or css) is the active document, just go to Tools->Minify JS or Tools->Minify CSS and it will take the contents of the current file, minify it, and save it to the clipboard. From there you can just paste the new minified code where ever.

I can't take all the credit however, the JSMin library is used to do the actual minification, I've just wrapped it up nicely in a gedit plugin. Please check it out. I've enjoyed developing this little plugin so I may have found another area of interest! I'd love to hear if anyone else uses it!

Download Gedit Minifier Plugin