Getting a List of Checkbox Values with jQuery

Well the other day I was doing some forms and ran into a long list of checkboxes that I needed a list of the values, not a name-value array(so serializeArray() wouldn't help) so I whipped up a small jQuery plugin to return me simply an array of the values of a selector:

jQuery.fn.getCheckboxVal = function(){
    var vals = [];
    var i = 0;
        vals[i++] = jQuery(this).val();
    return vals;

So to call this mean machine we would do:

var arr = $("input[name='fieldname']:checked").getCheckboxVal()
//would return an array like:
// ['val1', 'val2', 'val3']

And if I needed it as a string I would then just do a join(",") on the array that was returned. If there is an easier way please drop a line, although this was pretty darn straight forward.. Hope this helps someone like it did me!