Getting Ubuntu to the Next Step

PenguinI have to admit, I've tried a few different distros of linux lately, but none compare to Ubuntu. It is borderline capable of completely replacing Windows, but there are some limitations that are holding it back. You first off have to give linux in general a round of applause for its overall stability and security. You also have to admit the package managers and update managers like the ones found in Ubuntu are also far superior to any other operating system. There is a package for about anything you want to do with a computer, just check the box and click install. Brilliant! But they still seem to be skipping the most important aspects of today's users. User Interface and Multiple Monitors/Video Cards I know the last couple releases have attempted to address these issues, and at the same time some of these issues may be more gnome related than Ubuntu related. These issue's won't stop me from using Ubuntu, I can work around most of these issues myself, but for the average joe, they will be lost, and more so dissapointed they reformatted their Windows machine with Linux. Many people and many businesses these days use multiple monitors. Non-tech related fields are falling into this trend quickly. This is a weak point with Ubuntu. Multiple monitors has improved dramatically, but multiple video cards is still a nightmare. I have to admit though Ubuntu did automatically find the nVidia driver, which was very convenient. Finally, the user interface in my opinion is not suitable for commercial use or the general public. It is too dark and the window chrome is too thick(plus its brown...). Most of this can be changed, but first impression means a lot! I have to admit I would love to see the day Linux was the #1 Operating System, while still maintaining its strength, stability, and community support. I think the day is near that it becomes a legitimate competitor and a house hold name even for the average Joe.