How Do You Program On a Limited Budget?

Being a curious mind kills a developer with a timeline. This is half of my everyday battle. The other half is the financial situation to afford many tools we all love(Photoshop, ColdFusion, Apple). So we're stuck with a small budget but need to perform at our best. This is why I love Open Source software. My question to other developers is this: What low budget solutions get you through the day creating a website from design to database and everywhere in between? First off I have to say my current development computer is running Ubuntu and couldn't be happier with that. My editors are Komodo Edit and gEdit. I will use CFeclipse when doing ColdFusion, but thats normally my 8-5 job. Since I'm not a stand out designer I use strong CSS and fewer images, but Gimp does most of my image work. I look to possibly buy Fireworks though as soon as I'm able.(I want to learn Photoshop, but I'm more comfortable with Fireworks). For databases I depend on MySQL, but since they were recently purchased by Sun, I am now exploring Postgres since I've always heard great things about them and I've been learning Django which also recommends Postgres. Programming languages is never set in stone. Although very fluent in ColdFusion, I can't afford a license, and no Open Source CF solution is up to par just yet so I have been doing most of my work with PHP. Django looks promising with the exception that a lot of their framework is changing(new forms), and server set up can be a booger. For javascript I like them all! jQuery, Mootools, Prototype, etc.. they all have their uses. So a quick recap:

  • Ubuntu
  • Komoto Edit/Gedit
  • Gimp
  • MySQL/Postgres
  • PHP/Django

Again these are my "at home" tools on a limited budget. What tools get you through the day?