Impromptu 1.3 Finally Here!

The plugin everyone has been waiting for: Impromtu 1.3!!! Sorry for dragging around for so long on this but its here a long with some awesome additions and bug fixes!! Whats different you ask?

  • An option to focus a button by default
  • An option for zIndex if you need to change it from the default
  • If you click outside the prompt you will get a nice blinking effect on the prompt
  • Escape key should now close the prompt without submitting the form
  • $.prompt now returns a container with the fade and the prompt created
  • Fixed a bug if the body was shorter than the window so was the fade

So all of these additions what did you take out? Just the container option. This option in my opinion was too buggy and not all that useful, so away it went. So there we have it, please give it a shot and remember, it doesn't have any bugs, just undocumented "features". Enjoy! Get It Here!