Impromptu 3.2 - Mobile jQuery Prompts

jQuery Impromptu

jQuery Impromptu has seen a little attention lately, mostly dealing with some mobile improvements. While it did work before on most decent devices, iPad and company politely decided not to enable the position:fixed css property. Of course the reasoning behind this is logical. If a large element is "position: fixed" on a mobile window, the page can potentially become inaccessible. This was a previous issue with Impromptu anyway.

So the new solution is not to use fixed positioning, but to initialize the prompt at your preferred location in the window's current viewing area. If you scroll the prompt stays put. If you click on the fade the window scrolls back to the prompt.

This means a few items were added to the list of changes:

  • New default show option: promptDropIn slides the prompt down from the top of the window viewing area
  • Prompt is no longer fixed position
  • Faded overlay click scrolls the window back to the prompts location
  • Fade now blocks the entire page, not just the viewing area

There are now many plugins doing dialog and lightboxes, but Impromptu still sits atop the mountain of interactive form dialogs. Check it out, leave some feedback, fork it on Github! Enjoy!