Impromptu 5 - Why Use Anything Else?

jQuery Impromptu 5 is here, and it looks awesome! Not only does it have a new design, but it has something really awesome up its sleeve.

The New Look

The default look is aimed at being a clean and elegant design, and well suited for most any site out the box.

jQuery Impromptu Design

Never fear if it doesn't meet your design preferences, it is still extremely easy to skin with a little css. In fact your existing styles will likely work just fine.

Features and Fixes

A couple bugs were fixed which included a position error when using states, and a randomly seen issue with the fade not covering the page completely.

Impromptu 5 brings an exciting new feature, sub states. If you're not familiar with "states" with Impromptu, they are much like pages. You can navigate from one state to the other using the api very easily. This not only creates a very elegant way to change content, it also prevents you from having to change content on the fly or open multiple prompts. So that explains states, what are sub states?

Suppose you don't want to completely leave a state, you just want to confirm a user's action. For example, you show the users the Terms of Use or License agreement, you want the user to confirm their decision to accept the agreement. A sub state is ideal:

Impromptu Sub State

You may have seen similar dialogs on linux or OSX. The Loan Calculator example now uses a sub state, which is very ideal. Pretty awesome, right?


Head over to the Impromptu Documentation or check it out on Github. Also don't forget about Impromptu From I to U, the ebook that covers states, forms, tours, theming, and more!