Impromptu Gets Helper Functions

If you've used jQuery Impromptu before and may be upgrading you should read about these quick changes. For the most part unless you've used the last version or two the changes will not affect you. However, this new version adds several helper functions and properly scopes them better. In the past you may have used $.setImpromptuDefaults, but now you just call $.prompt.setDefaults(..); Here are the new/changed functions:

  • jQuery.prompt.setDefaults(options)
  • jQuery.prompt.setStateDefaults(options)
  • jQuery.prompt.getStateContent(stateName)
  • jQuery.prompt.goToState(stateName)
  • jQuery.prompt.nextState()
  • jQuery.prompt.prevState()
  • jQuery.prompt.close()

The new functions are to help while working with states. Check out the docs for more details. Also I've included a minified version. Although the full version isn't too big, every little bit counts. Thanks to Kfir Gollan for the suggestions and contributions. Enjoy!