Impromptu News

Lately I've had a few users indicate they've had errors in Impromptu only with IE. I finally was able to replicate this error. The error indicates that its on line 89:

jqi.css({ position: “absolute”, top: “100px”, left: “50%”, marginLeft: ((((jqi.css(”paddingLeft”).split(”px”)[0]*1) + jqi.width())/2)*-1) });

I had been using Impromptu all week and it had been working fine in all browsers. Then I finally received this error I've heard so much about. The problem ended up being in the html I passed when invoking the prompt.

$.prompt('<p>this had broken html</p>');

With the html passed in broken jQuery in IE was unable to figure out the proper html and thus could not apply the styling to it. I hope this helps the users out who were having trouble!