CSS Filters and Opera

Lately I've had a few users respond on my CSS Tooltips post about it not working correctly in Opera, so I decided to investigate myself. I looked at the example I created and sure enough, it tries to work, but fails. My first suspect was the :hover css filter since …

Navicat For Postgres on Ubuntu

I ran across Navicat's Postgres Administration tool the other day and just out of curiosity I decided to install it on Ubuntu (the lite version). Uhho, there's no linux version! Well as any linux fanatic would do I grabbed the Windows version and tried to install with Wine, and well …

New Impromptu Theme!

To all the Impromptu users tired of the same old themes and don't want to create one, we have a new theme option. Example 14 contains an example of using this theme. Just view the examples.css to snatch the code! This one has the look and feel of a …

The Count Down is Here

The next Ubuntu is almost here. I can't wait and I'm sure you can't either. Something about that automatic update that makes me dislike Windows, I don't know why..

Make Big Queries More Readable In PHP With Heredoc

I always hated writing big queries in php by concatenating strings. Its very ugly and can get hard to follow with quotes and double quotes. Heredoc to the rescue. If you're unfamiliar with heredoc, its basically a syntax with php (and some other perl based languages) to type blocks of …

Thanks to Users, Impromptu 1.5 Available

Thanks for the escape key contributions as well as catching and reporting other bugs. To the best of my knowledge I have those fixed and updated the documentation(the rounded corner example as well). Although these weren't crucial fixes still may want to grab the latest.

Getting Ubuntu to the Next Step

I have to admit, I've tried a few different distros of linux lately, but none compare to Ubuntu. It is borderline capable of completely replacing Windows, but there are some limitations that are holding it back. You first off have to give linux in general a round of applause for …


I finally put together my own little gig for web development, TownNetWorks.com. I will be available for small to medium size websites. If you or anyone you know is interested please contact me via the contact for on that site. I would take on larger sites, but this isn't …

Finally, Skype for Linux

We've been waiting on this for quite some time. Skype for linux is now available with video! Check it out!

jQuery Impromptu 1.4 Is Here!

jQuery Impromptu is ready. I made a few minor fixes mentioned in the comments: like adding javascript:; to the iframe it now properly returns the correct jquery object iframe is now an option I added a close button(hence another line of css) Get it here!