Interested in an eBook for Timepicker?


With the increased attention and amount of help questions I receive for jQuery-Timepicker-Addon, I have decided to put together an eBook, Handling Time. I believe this will help many who are new to timepicker, and even those with experience when dealing with times in general will find it very beneficial. After a few years of developing and maintaining timepicker, I have found there are a few particular speedbumps that often raise questions.

This eBook will venture beyond just javascript to the server and database. After all, the server has time too!

So what will be covered?

  • Timepicker Setup - A basic guide to get up and running with a datetime picker.
  • Usability - How to make datetimepicker more accessible for touch devices.
  • Timezones - How timezones work in the real world, javascript, and on the server.
  • Ranges - How to work with time ranges. (Think arrival and departure datetimes).
  • Restraints - How to limit user options to certain times.
  • Internationalization - Provide multiple languages and time formats.
  • Storage - Learn how to store datetimes from multiple timezones.

So are you interested?

Head on over to the Handling Time homepage!