Intimidatetime - A Date Time Picker for Zepto and jQuery

I've been maintaining jQueryUI Timepicker Addon for a few years now. When I first started the project I had no idea how much need there was for a decent datetime picker. It brings a lot of needed functionality to the jQueryUI datepicker, but not without limitations.

The most difficult part is that timepicker handles parsing and formatting separately from datepicker. This was intentional, otherwise every time datepicker gets an update timepicker would have to be updated. The draw back is when you need to handle them both together like creating a unix timestamp, or changing the timezone.

So I set out on a new journey, to figure out the best way to deal with date and time. As it turns out time is stuck in its ways, and only way to deal with it is by intimidating time. So here we are, Intimidatetime, a date time picker for Zepto and jQuery.


Jumping back to jQuery Timepicker Addon, this does not mean I have abandoned it. It is still alive and well. I have no plans of leaving it out in the cold.

So more about this Intimidatetime. It only needs jQuery or Zepto to run. Date and Time are handled together. Can you guess what that means? Unix timestamps, timezone support, date time ranges, datetime utility methods, all the things that were too cumbersome for jQuery Timepicker Addon! It pulls a lot from jQuery Timepicker Addon, like control types, preview formats.


You'll notice so far it uses dropdowns. This is a control type. Using the list control type will create a list of links for units such as month, or a calendar for days. The down side is I haven't implemented this yet. Also, I have ported over a lot of translations for I18N support, however if you are fluent in a language other than english please help out, it only takes 5 minutes.

To get started head over to the documentation or dive into the source on Github.