Javascript JSON Parsing with SQL

I've been playing with JSON a bit lately and it seems there's not a lot of options for searching JSON such as the way xpath can search XML. Since there aren't any slick libraries out there I have been thinking on possibilities of creating such. Would it be slick to have an sql-like syntax parse and search json? You could then do something like so: select name,age from people where age > 20 order by name limit 5 After thinking it through its basically a nice regex to parse out the query, then just pass the arguments to a function to parse it. Being one who interacts with sql on a regular basis this seems quite appealing, especially if you have an html table to sort or there are a million other possibilites! I havn't done this but I have played with the regular expression to do such. Also the same principle could apply to XML, but it would be rather pointless with xpath.