jQuery Impromptu 0.4, a Few New Options

Finally a new version of jQuery Impromptu has been released. This release in my opinion has a few new cool features. First off you can now control the speed of the fade and the prompt box. Also you can now set which jQuery effect to use to bring in the prompt(show, fadeIn, slideDown, or your own custom effect). Now to the good stuff. Now you can have a submit function. Just as you have form.submit(), you now can have the same function which operates about the same. You can validate your fields and determine whether to proceed sending the data and closing the prompt or not(returning true or false accordingly). Then you will still have your separate callback to be called after the prompt completely closes. I hope this is of some use to someone, I know I've already used it several times! There are examples of these new features on the Impromptu site.