jQuery Impromptu 1.7, A Few Changes

A new version of jQuery Impromptu is out. One is a change which I noticed a bug with webkit, textareas, and the show() effect. Form inputs are improperly positioned when the show() effect is used as the entrance effect. The default show effect is now fadeIn, as I believe it provides an equally pleasing effect. Another change is a new option for "top" so you can change the position from the top of the screen which the prompt is displayed. Another change was an undocumented fix to the closing escape key was also put into place.

On a closing note a couple users reported that Impromptu and jqModal do not play nicely together, however one user did mention they found the problem to be on the jqModal end. I'm not familiar with that plugin so I am unable to add any further input at this time. Enjoy everyone!