jQuery Impromptu 3.0 is Here

Finally, Impromptu 3.0 has made it! It features two changes really. One big and one small. The small addition was an option for classes. So you can now add extra classes to an individual prompt to customize the styles without needing an entirely new theme. Here's the syntax:

$.prompt('text here..', { classes: 'class1 myclass2 darkfade' });

The classes are added to the parent container which holds the fade and the prompt, so they have access to both.

Now for the big new feature. You can now call a prompt from a selector!


// or like this
$('<span>some html</span>').prompt(options);

There is one extra option for using this technique, withDataAndEvents. This comes from using jQuery's clone method. Head on over to the docs for more information on the clone method. It defaults to false. But using it might look something like this:

$('#myselector').prompt({ withDataAndEvents: true });

This is entirely new to Impromptu and to me. So if something acts funny with it please don't hesitate to post here. Enjoy!