jQuery Impromptu 4.1 is Here

jQuery Impromptu 4.1 has arrived. This release has been mostly a cleanup and documentation release. There were a couple small additions however.

Previously if you wanted to change the width on a prompt, you had to do it via css. Since the touring functionality arrived a while back we introduced a new option, position. Inside position you could specify items like container, x, y, arrow, and width. It didn't take long to figure out users were wanting to just use the position's width. This is now possible without specifying the other position options.

$.prompt("Hello World!", {
    position: { width: 400 }

The class names were cleaned up throughout the states generation in Impromptu. This shouldn't break any existing code unless you were specifically targeting states by their id. If you were using Impromptu's methods (as recommended) no change is needed.

The final code change was renaming the "callback" option to "close" to match the corresponding bound event name "promptclose".

Finally the documentation received a complete overhaul. The number of examples were getting overwhelming and felt cluttered. I have also included it within the repository so it is available there as well as on the site.

As always feel free to report bugs or make suggestions. Stay tuned for new Impromptu announcements coming real soon!