jQuery Impromptu 4.3

jQuery Impromptu 4.3 has been released, and has become even more versital, yet still maintaining its simplicity. The new version introduces two new methods addState and removeState. This means you can add and remove states on the fly! The inners of Impromptu has been updated to use these methods along with event delegation, which means few attached events and more reusable code.

Also some Twitter Bootstrap sugar has been sprinkled over Impromptu, and I have included a Bootstrap theme. What does this mean?

If you don't use bootstrap, continue as you were. The default Impromptu theme is still right where you expect it. If you are using bootstrap Impromptu now has the proper class names on buttons, headers, and icons. There is a separate theme file for bootstrap in the themes folder which simply has the styles removed that bootstrap takes care of.

As always if you want to learn more about Impromptu and how to use many of its advanced features I highly recommend the ebook "Impromptu From I to U".

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For all the code head over to the Impromptu documentation or check it out on Github.