jQuery Impromptu 5.1.1 - A Polished Experience

This past weekend I merged the dev branch of jQuery Impromptu, and thus welcoming version 1.5.1. This release includes several bug fixes and a couple small features to create a more polished experience. So what changed?

  • Fixes box not being centered
  • Timeout doesn't call close event, timeouts overlap prompts
  • Fixes position styling of fade
  • Added a defaultButton option
  • Fixed version to major.minor.bugfix format to play nice with bower
  • Adds grunt to aid the lint, minify process
  • Code cleanup with jshint, fixes some jsmin issues
  • Cleanup some issues in docs

I will have to say if you are not familiar with Grunt for your javascript projects I do recommend it. Although it does add a layer over top of your project it improves reliability and speed of the development by automating lint and minification.

Don't forget about the eBook Impromptu - From I to U to learn all the ins and outs of Impromptu like the api, states, theming, and more! Have a great week!