jQuery Impromptu 5.2.2 - TDD, Bugfixes

jQuery Impromptu 5.2.2 is here and it introduces TDD with Jasmine. During this integration several bugs were discovered and fixed. This strengthened the Impromptu API methods and events, and provides greater stability of future changes to the library. Here are a few of the fixes.

  • Fix $.prompt.prevState() and $.prompt.nextState() when the previous/next state may not exist (when called on first and last states).
  • $.prompt.close() will have no effect if there is no prompt open.
  • Create safe button names and ids. Previously these were not escaped when generated from the button value.
  • Sometimes impromptu:close event is not called if called via api $.prompt.close().
  • Transition away from a visible state before removing it.

Whether you use/contribute to Impromptu or not I encourage you to explore TDD practices in your code, both front end and backend. Using automation tools like grunt can assist you in continuously running tests and keep your code on track. Enjoy!