jQuery Impromptu Direction

Hello Impromtpu users. I'm sorry to say as of late I haven't had time to produce regular updates and upgrades to Impromptu. My work outside of "javascript land" has kept me from doing so for the past few months. However that being said over the next few months I hope to play with it a little more. Here are a few of my additions/corrections to the plugin which I plan to address:

  • If container option is body and body is smaller than the client viewing window, then use the client height width for the overlay. (this would need to recalculate upon window resize)
  • An option for the focused submit button
  • More accessible form. As of now the form is not a true form, so hitting enter doesn't submit it. It would be nice to have this work for accessibility.
  • Add a promptClose function. This would allow you to call this function to manually close the prompt at any time.

Again these are a few of my plans(most of which I've gathered from the community, Thank You for your responses). Also as always if you have any suggestions, fixes, or improvements please let me know!