jQuery Impromptu Ideas

Well i'm thinking once again on Impromptu. My new thoughts are having multiple "states". This would be completely optional and would not change the way you can use Impromptu in its simplest form. The idea behind States is after submitting the prompt, without closing it may morph into another "State" (different content and buttons ideally using pretty effects). That being said there are a few ways I could go about doing this. I could allow a string or a array/hash for my content argument:

//simple one state
$.prompt('hello world');

//complex multi state
$.prompt(['hello 1', 'hello 2', 'hello 3']);

While this seams nice we still may have different buttons for each state, and this isn't very flexible as far as that goes. Another option may be to have another function to add extra states, sort of queuing up the prompts..

$.prompt('my state');
$.addPromptState('my state 2',options1);
$.addPromptState('my state 3',options2);

//or pass a hash to name our states
    state1: {...},
    state2: {...},
    state3: {...}

So again I'm just throwing it out there to see if I get any bites. This isn't set in stone but I think it could be a nice feature to ad some application like effects and feeling to Impromptu. Any one have any thoughts or suggestions?