jQuery Powertable - Move, Show, Hide, Fix Table Columns

jQuery Powertable is a jQuery plugin to help spice up your tables. Of course there are a lot of table plugins, but this plugin gives you all the power, yet stays out of the way for you to style. Complete with a full api to remotely manage your table, you can manage from within the table, or outside the table.

So what type of features does this so called table plugin have that are so amazing?

  • Move Columns - Works via drag and drop or api call
  • Show/Hide Columns - Works from generated handle or api call
  • Fixed Columns - Sets columns as fixed upon initialization or api call
  • Rows Columns - Sets rows as fixed upon initialization or api call
  • Persistant - Use browser storage to remember settings or supply your own

And if that isn't enough the fact that it eats 1,000 row tables for breakfast should be. The plugin digs down below the jquery level to pure javascript for maximum performance. Finally you should know where and how to get it:

Hope you enjoy!