jQuery Timepicker 1.2, Works with jQueryUI 1.10

If you've been having any issues with jQueryUI 1.10, you can now grab timepicker 1.2. This release only squashed a few bugs, but one of them prevented some users from using jQueryUI 1.10. What was fixed?

  • $.datepicker.log() no longer exists in jQueryUI 1.10.
  • ASP.NET bundling syntax error.
  • getDate is null if only sliders are used.
  • Added component.json for Bower.

Looking to help out?

I've also had several requests for adding a "u" option for timeFormat, representing a unix timestamp. I do see this as useful, but currently date and time are formatted separately, meaning time formatting and time parsing has no interaction with the date portion at all. This option will require a little restructuring, so the brainstorming has begun.

Another, potentially very useful addition is disabling a list of dates and times. I'm not sure the best approach for this, but my thought is an option like "disableRanges":

    disableRanges: [
            { start: startDateObja, end: endDateObja },
            { start: startDateObjb, end: endDateObjb }

The thinking here is a user may want to pass holidays as disabled times for scheduling an appointment. I would like for anyone with thoughts on this to comment, as I'm sure there are other needs from this feature request.

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