jQuery Timepicker 1.4 is Here

jQuery Timepicker Addon 1.4 is now available. While this version does fix some issues it also presents a new workflow. Here's whats new:

First, a huge thanks to Stephen Vance for all his help with bringing Timepicker into a tested environment. Tests for Timepicker now run on Jasmine. This should help not only harden the plugin, but also find bugs, and help resolve testable issues. His contributions will be in his upcoming book: Quality Code: Software Testing Principles, Practices, and Patterns. Be sure to bookmark it so you can grab it when it is released!

Second, Timepicker has adopted a Grunt workflow. At first this can appear overkill and too difficult to contribute to the project, but once you spend 5 minutes reading the Grunt tutorial you will quickly see how it improves the workflow. Currently grunt is used to run tests, lint, minify, bump version numbers, and create a clean build (in the "dist" directory). Much of this heavy lifting can now be automated by running "grunt watch" at the terminal. Having tests and linting automated helps prevent bugs before they happen!

Lastly, there is a healthy list of fixes, and I list a few here but check the commit logs for all of them:

  • Adds CONTRIBUTION.md for help contributing with Grunt workflow
  • Fixes 1899 date issue on initial picker open
  • Fixes enabling/disabling the picker
  • Fixes Daylight Savings bug
  • Fixes exception thrown by onTimeChange
  • Fixes CSS label widths to be flexible for larger fonts
  • Fixes lint issues and code cleanup
  • Fixes several i18n translations
  • Fixes jquery noConflict issue
  • And a lot more..

For more on Timepicker see these resources: