jQuery Timepicker Addon 0.9.7 Now Available

Its been a while in the making, with a few additions and many great bug fixes! Thank you to all contributors for helping with this. With the new version comes the addition of milliseconds and more versatile AM/PM markers. In each translation file there is now an array of possible AM/PM "Markers" to help parse times, so just AM/PM is now more flexible per language. The first element of the array is the default for the output time. Take a look at this translation:

(function($) {
    $.timepicker.regional['ja'] = {
        timeOnlyTitle: '時間を選択',
        timeText: '時間',
        hourText: '時',
        minuteText: '分',
        secondText: '秒',
        millisecText: 'ミリ秒',
        timezoneText: 'タイムゾーン',
        currentText: '現時刻',
        closeText: '閉じる',
        timeFormat: 'hh:mm tt',
        amNames: ['午前', 'AM', 'A'],
        pmNames: ['午後', 'PM', 'P'],
        ampm: false

As you can see it will first look for the Japanese am/pm marker, then resort to the next down the line.

If you are updating to the latest version of the plugin be sure to update your localization/translation as well, as they include changes for the markers and milliseconds. The new version should pretty much work as is (and probably work better than previous version), but be sure to double check these new additions with the AM/PM markers. As always I have some documentation and the source on Github.

On a final note, if you have suggestions, or would like to contribute, please take a look at the "dev" branch on Github, as this is where all the development is happening. Your feature may already be in there or your issue may already be fixed in this version. Enjoy!