jQuery Timepicker Addon 1.4.2 Bug Fix Update

A few bugs have popped up and jQuery Timepicker Addon 1.4.2 is here to resolve them. Thank you to all the contributors and bug reporters. Here is a recap of the changes. (I went ahead and merged some new translations too.)

  • hasChanged uses strict comparisons so we need to ensure datatype
  • Selecting a time should focus input field
  • Create Armenian translation

There was also an issue filed relating to Bower. The question was that "jquery-timepicker-addon" package actually points to a fork, which is not current with the master repository. Unfortunately this was there before I started with Bower, so I had to create a different package name: "jqueryui-timepicker-addon". Moral of the story is to be cautious and check that the package names point to the correct repository.

You can find more resources for jQuery Timepicker Addon here: