jQueryUI Timepicker 1.4.4

jQueryUI Timepicker Addon 1.4.4 is here with several fixes. Although a couple options were added, no major changes were made to functionality. The following is an overview of what was fixed:

  • Fix typos in German, Basque, Chinese, Vietnamese i18n.
  • Fix override to the _selectDate() method that prevents the calendar from closing.
  • Fix step option not being set for select dropdowns.
  • Fix issue where setDate causes picker to open.
  • Adds options for minTime/maxTime. Currently partially implemented only for hour/minute. Needs to be expanded to include all units.
  • Add timeOnlyShowDate option to show the date but only allow timepicker
  • Fix timeRange method errors.

I would like to note that most of the changes were contributed from users of timepicker and I encourage anyone to contribute. While I try to review changes and merge in a timely fashion the past couple months have been hard for me to contribute much code myself. I hope the months to come allow more time to contribute more.

To grab the code you can head over to Github or to learn more about timepicker head over to the documentation.