jQueryUI Timepicker 1.4.5

jQueryUI Timepicker Addon version 1.4.5 is now here with several bug fixes. The following fixes and changes were made:

  • Allow pass through for some '-1d', '+1m', and such datepicker.setDate arguments
  • Add support for ('setDate', null)
  • Fixes #706 altTimeFormat, altSeparator, altTimeSuffix doesn't allow empty value
  • Fixes #723 - Adds build process for i18n into one file (Adds one consolidated i18n file of all translations)
  • Add altRedirectFocus option. If set to true (default), the altField will redirect focus to the main field (this is how it always worked before this change). Otherwise, the altField will not redirect its focus, and the altField will behave as a normal text field that can be edited by the user.
  • Fixes #434 allows a getter method for options.

A big thanks to all the contributors for their changes! As always you can head over to the documentation to learn more or contribute over on Github.