jQueryUI Timepicker Addon 1.5.0 is Here

jQueryUI Timepicker Addon version 1.5.0 is here with several fixes and updates. Here is an overview of what has changed.

  • Check for existence of properties when determining which value to use instead of just truthiness to avoid o.min evaulating to false when its value is 0.
  • Improve $.timepicker.log to accept multiple arguments.
  • Add examples for $.timepicker.datetimeRange(), $.timepicker.timeRange(), and $.timepicker.dateRange().
  • Fix to not override inline property.
  • Fixed a big bug on the "go to today" functionality. When the month is not the current month, the date change didn't work.
  • Add jQueryUI style classes to select controls.
  • Update and test with latest jQuery and jQueryUI.