Looking for Impromptu Advice

I've commented about an issue I've encountered with a few Impromptu user and I've decided to post on it to see if I can get some opinions on the best way to go about solving it. Currently when you open an Impromptu prompt the position of the prompt is centered, and 20% from the top. The position of the prompt is fixed so if you scroll the browser the prompt scrolls with you, staying at a 20% distance from the top. This is all fine and dandy until you have a large prompt; in which case you are unable to scroll down the prompt to view the lower content if it is off the screen.

From what I can tell there are two solutions to this problem:

  1. Leave it as is and make it the developers responsibility to make sure the prompt isn't too big.
  2. Make the position absolute instead of fixed. Make the prompt 20% from the top of the current scrolled position. The prompt will not scroll with you.

In my opinion option 1 looks prettier, and there's never a chance you scroll away from the prompt. On the other hand option two ensures no matter what, even if the prompt has a ton of content, that you will be able the view the data.

I'll be honest I never intended on the prompt content to grow very large when I started the project, I just intended to replace normal prompt and confirm boxes. However, now Impromptu has evolved and is a much more versatile tool. Impromptu now has states which should help on this topic by allowing you to break your content up into sections, but is this enough? Please help!