Many Updates to Timepicker

If you've been keeping up with timepicker over on github, you have probably seen the slew of changes over the past couple weeks. This is mostly thanks to generous users who have sent over everything from translations, new features, and bug fixes.

Among the new features is Milliseconds. This works just like the others, except its timeFormat placeholder is "l". The new regional translation variable is "millisecText". Here is a list of the new options for Milliseconds:

  • showMillisec: false
  • stepMillisec: 0.5
  • millisec: 0
  • millisecMin: 0
  • millisecMax: 999
  • millisecGrid: 0
  • millisecText: "Millisecond"

This also means all translation files had to add a new variable. I gave this my best shot with a translator, but please help out if you notice a bad translation. Also there is ongoing work to figure out why properly setting options after initiation does not work for minDate and maxDate. All this new work is in the dev branch, check it out!